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Comany Introduction:

Established in 2011, Juston is a global supplier of high-quality wireless equipment and solutions. As a global top brand supplier, Juston has been providing plentiful professional customized services to high-end and professional customers since its establishment, maintaining close contact, and actively monitoring market changes and demands. As one of the few companies to master DMR technology and launch all these mainstream digital radio product lines, Juston devote to develop and produce higher performance, secure and reliable communication terminal products, and will do its best to highlight and further enhance its competitive advantage in the commercial DMR market.

Technical Innovation:

Juston listens to the needs of every industry customer. Through continuous technological innovation, improving production efficiency and optimizing quality control management system, Juston will continue to be committed to providing meticulous services to help our customers do better in industries such as public utilities, commercial, and outdoor.

Marketing Network:

Juston continues to build a sales network through grid. Currently, we have over 100 well-known distributors and millions of end users using our HYDX series products worldwide.

Awarded the title of "National High-tech Enterprise”.

Member of “Responsibility Business alliance”.

Comply with national safety production standards:

《Basic specification for work safety standardization of enterprises》(GB/T 33000-2016)

《Technical specification for occupational health monitoring》


《Quality Management System Certificate》(GB/T 19000-2016/ISO 9001: 2015 Standard)

HYDX Brand

Brand Story:

CEO William has more than 30 years of experience in selling walkie talkies. The predecessor of Juston company was a communication equipment company established in 2003, and then founded the "HYDX" brand in 2011. After 11 years of development, brand capacity and business performance have undergone profound changes. In the future, Juston needs to continue to build itself and bring better communication experience to more industry customers.

Brand Core:"Serve users with better self." The essence of business is service. No service, no transaction. Only by understanding our company, our work, and our customers can we better understand ourselves.

Comany Address:

No.886 Changfeng Street, Licheng District,Quanzhou ,Fujian ,China 362000.