Digital Handy Radio Bluetooth Recorder  HYDX-D1000 with Two Slot Communication

HYDX-D1000 ,as a combination of cutting-edge digital and analog technologies and user-oriented compact design, gives you a perfect idea of being used in manufacturing ,retail,ogistics , construction etc .

Main Functions:

1) UHF 400-470Mhz/136-174Mhz

2) High/Low Power Switchable

3) Direct and Repeater Two Slot Communication 

4) TDMA DMR Tier II Technology 

5) Versatile Voice Calls

6) Loner Worker

7) Bright LCD Display 128*64

8) SMS

9) Built-in AMBE Vocoder 

10) Digital Encryption Communication

11) Voice recorder (Optoinal . Working in Analog and Digital model ,Can Playback and delete) .

12) Voice Report (English/Chinese/Customized)

13) High Power Output 5W@8.4V