2020 Digital PortableTwo Way Radio HYDX-D200 with Two Slot Communication 

HYDX-D200,as a combination of cutting-edge digital and analog technologies and user-oriented compact design, gives you a perfect idea of being used in manufacturing ,retail,ogistics , construction etc 

With cost-effective, you will enjoy the alalog price for this rugged DMR radio at leasest DMR technologies. 

Seamless and Security Communication is our Priority Mission.

Main Functions:

1) UHF 400-470Mhz/136-174Mhz

2) High/Low Power Switchable

3) Direct and Repeater Two Slot Communication 

4) TDMA DMR Tier II Technology 

5) Versatile Voice Calls

6) Loner Worker

7) SMS

8) Digital Encryption Communication

9) Voice recorder (Optoinal . Working in Analog and Digital model ,Can Playback and delete) .

10) Voice Report (English/Chinese/Customized)

11) High Power Output 5W@8.4V